The problem of human being in the investigation of since

ludinaNot only lots of modern scientists of the present and the past tried to investigate and establish the main purpose of a man in the society, and simply its human being, especially in relationships with others, but almost every person daily faced with the everlasting question: what is our human being. Thanks to the relationship between people, we can determine the internal world of the individual and its relation to the world and life in general.

In relations with the outside world we face problems and failures, coping with which everyone tries to find out the essence and the purpose of our being. In addition to the philosophy that studies the basic forms of knowledge of the world and examines the principles of human existence and man’s relationship with the world, ethics is a science, that can explore the moral relations between people, standards of behaviour and the moral generally.

Due to the researches, conducted within the science of ethics only a moral is an evaluative factor in man’s attitude to reality. The problem of a man in the ethical researches focuses on discovering the main means of achieving the moral perfection and the interpersonal and individual harmony. The above saying defines the purpose of the person that is — to achieve happiness.

Ethics as a science identifies two main areas of setting morality. On my opinion becoming morality in the form of freedom is an essential and fundamental one, as for as the way of becoming morality through a form of requirements, which is achieved in compliance with the certain rules and prohibitions, that creates a lot of limitations, particularly in the consciousness of a man that being expressed through the laws are not a full-fledged form of relations and do not contribute the formation of harmony and therefore they are not a factor and component of happiness.

What is freedom and why it is also an important component in the formation and the condition of human happiness, and the main purpose of man in terms of relationships and morality? What is the basis of human existence on the cut of morality and what role is played by freedom?

The fact is that morality fixes as desirable that, which has held out in practice through the direct relationship and established the main way of implementing of human nature, the revealing of his inner world. Thanks to moral a person placed in relationships that are fundamentally different from conventional relationship with the social world. The difference is that they are based on the principle of chosen action, and therefore the person acquires the status of a subject of choice behavior.

However, relations with the outside world and society are formed on the basis of a comparison of human needs with the problems and requirements of society, because the society they find themselves depending on their needs thus a man creates the purpose. This goal appears due to the need, and as a result the person becomes «a slave» of their own problems and needs. That is fulfilling the appointed function in the society for satisfying themselves through their needs and requirements, that the man try to reach the recognition in the society as a personality, to attain the purpose, that was settled by the society, and at the same time it loose its individuality and the possibility to have the right to choose.

That is possibility of creating a voluntary and not forced choice between good and evil, between light and dark, or a choice of one of the most comfortable ways which creates an atmosphere of freedom. A person who is not limited by any restrictions , enforcement and framework that is not afraid of doing the action because of fear or condemnation, the purpose of which is independent of the needs of society and is a free and fully, and thus can feel the happiness.

So this is the relevant and important research undertaken as a part of ethical science as becoming the human subjects freedom. She finds a study link between intentions, means and consequences of human actions, what contributes with a person, as a conscious entity of morality, the happiness which consists in freedom.

In its totality the ethical problems of the research of personality are aimed at abolishment not weighed intentions, frivolous actions and their adverse consequences, that became the result of the existence in the human mind, a sense of a fatal helplessness for life and the fear of human being in general.

Exactly the elimination of these defects of man’s «consciousness» and erroneous actions, the knowledge of «mechanism» of moral formation in the relationships as a category of forming humanity in social life and achieving happiness as the process are the fundamental categories of research of human problems in ethics.

His vision and confirmation of the moral perfection and the feeling of freedom was expressed by the famous German philosopher Kant Imanuil. He said «The final destination of the human race is in the highest moral perfection, which is achieved by means of freedom, so that man acquires the ability to the highest happiness. The appointment of a human is to achieve the highest perfection thanks to their freedom. »

So, there is no need to look for and create new theories that would find the answer to the meaning of human being or true happiness of a man, to go into the innermost depths of ethical researches, to search for tools and techniques of achieving our purpose through the prism of morality and moral perfection, because the value and the meaning of the human happiness solved in a simple and investigated far ago truth, that was expressed by I. Kant.

He concludes that the ultimate purpose of human happiness is not acting as a consequence – the God’s gift, but it must be a process. It is important not only to be happy, but we have to do our best in order to be happy.

And to my mind in the possibilities and ways of achieving happiness as the process is the essence of a true morality and the ethics in general. As for as the ways of achieving happiness, methods and means by which man can reach it determine the purpose of our human being.

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